Trust Established in India
Established in Delhi, India on 8 September 1998, Nursing With A Difference is an independent Trust that set out to bring Continuing Education Programs to Nurses, many of whom have been denied this privilege within India and its sister Nations in Central Asia and the Middle East...........read more
Trust Established in New Zealand
Established in New Zealand on 30 June 2008, Nursing With A Difference is an independent Trust registered with the Charities Commission, Registered No CC2387, the Trust Deed, similar to that of its Indian counterpart, was developed by Nurses and Midwives who collaborate to address and respond to prevailing professional issues in NZ.........read more
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The Life History of ESHU

Set of six books covering the key aspects of Nursing, specific to each of the following topics

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Prayer Focus
Many Nurses have asked for prayer. Other Nurses have asked for copies of spontaneous verbal prayers that have been made during the course of workshops, seminars and other professional gatherings...
Nuggets of Gold
A Nugget or ingot is a lump, especially one of the larger lumps of ‘Native Gold’ found in the diggings. A Nugget is associated with size and magnitude, with wealth and quality...
SINGING AND MUSIC are two of the oldest and most effective measures Nurses have to enhance their own health and to individually and collectively influence the health of millions..
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